TiniTopper Review – The New Must-have Bar Tool of 2021?

The TiniTopper (Tini pronounced like the end of mar-tini) is really a very simple and practical concept. An idea you might be shaking your head saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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Have you ever spilled a drink while walking around? (don’t lie, we’ve all been there). If so, we found something really exciting for you! This can keep your drinks intact, help keep bugs and pathogens out while retaining all of its aromatic properties. Enter the TiniTopper.

The TiniTopper (Tini pronounced like the end of mar-tini) is really a very simple and practical concept. An idea you might be shaking your head saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So let’s get right to it. Here’s the TiniTopper review. 

The New Must-Have Home Bar Product

The TiniTopper may be the new must-have item for bar and home use. It’s essentially a cover for your cocktails. It’s stackable and comes 8 in a pack with its own carrying case, so there’s definitely enough to go around when entertaining. The carrying case is durable but sleek and easily fits on a home bar or counter.

Tinitopper review 2 cocktail hammer logo
Tinitopper review 2 cocktail hammer logo

The actual drink cover is wide enough to fit most glasses and easy to pick up from out of the case and off of your drink. The TiniTopper cover is also very durable and can even go in the top rack of your dishwasher, which is great for easy cleanup.

Tinitopper review 2 cocktail hammer
Comes with an awesome stacking case.

Their website shows how versatile it can be. What stood out with me was the beach use. How great is it to not have to crunch on the sand while relaxing and enjoying a cold drink? Definitely worth getting simply for that reason.  

Have a smoked cocktail on your menu? This is so great for the mixology world. Deliver your specialty cocktail covered with a TiniTopper and give your guests a really cool wow factor.  

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Does the TiniTopper actually work?

When I got the product, I took it out of the case and immediately made a drink so I could test it out. It’s very light and definitely covered my glass with room along the outer edge to spare. I walked around the house at a normal pace, not the tightrope walk I normally do, and did not spill a drop. Win! 

I then thought it would be interesting to pour a few of my favorite wines for a tasting, as the website says it can also be used to lock in the aromas. After the swirl, it was evident that the TiniTopper did, in fact, capture those aromas you are expecting from those luscious red wines. 

Tinitopper review cocktail hammer
The tinitopper in action.

It did the same with some brown spirits I needed to taste for another review I’m working on. This was a really cool experiment and worked just as expected.   

How TiniTopper Can Help with COVID-19

In this day and age, we have to now consider airborne viruses, namely COVID-19. I can see how this can be very useful for gatherings and adding that extra layer of security while entertaining. I will definitely use this the next time I have friends or family over to give our drinks a layer of protection. Plus, it’s small enough that you can pop a couple in your bag or pocket to bring with you. 

TiniToppers in the Hospitality Industry

Before it segued into home use, the TiniTopper was originally designed to help eliminate spills of a beverage while being transported by the server to the table. I, for one, love the idea of getting my entire cocktail or beer delivered to me full and clean. 

How many times have you been delivered a drink, and it has been so messy and sticky you need five napkins just to wipe it down? This really lets the server deliver with confidence and leaves the customer happy because they are getting the entire drink they paid for! 

And especially now with Covid-19, any food and beverage establishment would really benefit from this added layer of protection for the guests. Stepping away for a quick call or to use the restroom? Cover it with a TiniTopper instead of one of those gross, never before cleaned coasters. 

Check out their YouTube video here to see how well it benefits the hospitality industry.

Laser Logo Brand Advertising

The covers, as well as the holder, are branded with the TiniTopper logo, so I asked if they could do personalized branding for hotels, casinos, restaurants, and liquor companies, and they said absolutely. Think of it as the new bar swag. Plus, how cool would it be to see your logo on the lid of your brand’s sponsored cocktail as it’s delivered to the customer? Total branded package. 

There would be a minimum to meet for that, but they definitely see branding in the future. Contact them here for wholesale pricing and inquiries.

How the TiniTopper Came to Be

The TiniTopper family is just that—they are a family-run business that believes in “la dolce vita,” the sweet life. Frank Taormina first came up with the vision and idea while living in Hollywood, CA, working restaurants from Sunset Blvd to Downtown LA.  

In his 25 years of working in the hospitality industry, one common theme with colleagues and staff was how to prevent spills and exceed guests’ expectations. When you are paying a premium for your drink, you should expect to receive a full glass, and losing half of it as it’s being delivered from the bar to your table is not what you are expecting. Well, Hollywood brought him home to PA with the idea of a drink cover in mind and eager to make this vision a reality. 

One night while enjoying a few cocktails with family, Frank mentioned his vision to his brother, Paul. At that point, the brainstorming began.

Pretty quickly, they, along with their wives Leah and Sue, got to work on many different designs and prototypes to see how their vision of a drink topper can become a reality. They worked with designers, artists, family and friends, and of course, the restaurant industry folk and finally unveiled the patent approved, sleek and classy TiniTopper!

Their mission is to enhance your drinking experience whether at home, family gatherings, outdoor parties, and anywhere you dine while eliminating spills, keeping bugs out, and most importantly, keeping your drink safe from airborne contaminants.

Conclusion: TiniTopper Review

I certainly love what TiniTopper is trying to do here. And while you may not need this tool, it’s definitely a nice-to-have.

If you are looking for a new tool in your cocktail arsenal or a fun gift for a friend, the TiniTopper is definitely worth checking out. Check their website here to see all that this simple yet versatile product can do. They offer free shipping on all orders, and if you buy a 2 or 4 pack, you can save some money, so pick one up for yourself and a couple for your friends and family. And like I said, in one pack, you get eight drink covers, plus the holder, so you get a lot for your money. 

What are your thoughts on the TiniTopper? Do you agree with out TiniTopper review? Do you wish you came up with this idea? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to check out our other reviews click here. And as always, stay safe, stay home, get hammered. 

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