Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

Do you like Pina Coladas... What about getting lost in the Rain. The Pina Colada is without a doubt one of our favorite summertime drinks.

Do you like Pina Coladas….What about getting lost in the Rain. The Pina Colada is without a doubt one of our favorite summertime drinks. 

History of the Piña Colada

According to legend, in the 19th century, Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresi served his company a beverage including coconut, pineapple, and white rum to raise their spirits.  This was the forerunner to the famous Pina Colada cocktail. The recipe was lost when he died in 1825. However, Haydée Reichard, a historian, disagrees with this account of the story.

Pina colada recipe
Pina colada recipe

Another, much more likely origin story comes from the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico. The story claims that this popular drink was created in 1957 by Ramon Marrero, a bartender at Puerto Rico’s Caribe Hilton, who blended coconut cream, rum, pineapple juice, and ice in a blender. The key is to combine light and dark rums, as well as a dash of bitters and a dollop of heavy cream. Let us show you how to make this refreshing drink so you can keep having fun in the sun.

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What Glass is a Piña Colada Served In?

To be honest, any glass is the right glass for a pina colada but if you want to be authentic, a 12 ounce specialty glass, like a Copa Grande Glass, will be your go-to.

Pina Colada

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  • In a blender, combine the rums, coconut cream, heavy cream, and pineapple juice. Don’t add the garnishes.
  • Blend in the ice for about 15 seconds, or until smooth.
  • Pour into a 12-ounce glass specialty glass like a Copa Grande Glass.
  • Garnish with the Maraschino Cherry, Pineapple leaf, and Pineapple wedge.

Recipe Video

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