Pink Lady Cocktail

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Pink lady cocktail

The Pink Lady was named after Hazel Dawn, an actress in the broad musical “the Pink Lady”…Maybe.

Variations on the Pink Lady

Cocktail Hammer gets its inspiration from Dale Degroff aka “King Cocktail”. You may find variations on the Pink Lady Cocktail using egg white instead of Heavy cream as mentioned below. We decided to present the recipe involving heavy cream, which we find gives it a different, thicker, and lovelier viscosity.

Pink lady cocktail
Pink lady cocktail

However, if you are more comfortable using egg whites as you would making a whiskey sour then we have attached a YouTube video from Anders Erickson with that variation instead.

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Aquafaba Instead of Egg White

If you don’t want to use egg white to make your pink lady, you can substitute aquafaba to replace the foam top you would usually get with emulsified egg white. Aquafaba of course being Vegan friendly.

How to make your own grenadine for your cocktail.

Secondly, here is the recipe to make your own homemade grenadine.

  • Homemade Grenadine: (Makes 28-30 Ounces): 24 ounces pomegranate juice. 1 cup sugar. 

Mix the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over low heat to dissolve the sugar; do not boil.

Pink Lady Cocktail

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Recipe by Julian Solorzano Cuisine: Classic CocktailDifficulty: Easy ????


  • 1.50 Ounces London Dry Gin

  • .25 Ounce Grenadine, homemade or store-bought

  • .75 Ounce Simple Syrup

  • 1 Ounce Heavy Cream

  • 3 Maraschino Cherries


  • Shake all the ingredients with ice.
  • Strain into a small cocktail or coupe glass.

Recipe Video


  • For the Heavy Cream, you can use Tuscan Dairy Farms Heavy Cream. Works perfectly.
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