A Bar Above Black Atomizer / Eye Dropper Set

  • Advanced Mixology Mastery: Elevate cocktails with professional-quality atomizer and eyedropper tools for precise ingredient control.
  • Comprehensive Set: Package includes glass bottles, dropper and sprayer tops, waterproof labels, a funnel, and a cleaning tool.
  • Elegant Presentation: Select from matte black or amber brown bottles for a sleek back bar appearance.
  • Endorsed by Experts: Crafted, assessed, and endorsed by world-renowned bartenders with extensive experience.
  • Versatile Sizing: 2oz bottles ideal for home enthusiasts; 4oz size fits a full bottle of bitters, suitable for professionals or frequent entertainers.
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A bar above black atomizer / eye dropper set | cocktailatomizer eyedropperset black 4oz | cocktail hammer

I’ve got my hands on this slick Black Atomizer / Eye Dropper Set, and trust me, it’s a game-changer. 🍸

You know how sometimes you’re making a drink, and you just want a hint of bitters or a delicate splash of that secret ingredient? Well, with these tools, you can say goodbye to those messy pours and hello to precision. The dropper? Perfect for those precise dashes. The atomizer? Ever tried spritzing a bit of orange peel essence over your Old Fashioned? Game. Changer.

Not to mention, these bottles are looking mighty fine on my bar shelf. You’ve got two choices: a sleek matte black or that classic amber brown. And trust me, they beautify your back bar like no other. No more chaotic mess of mismatched bottles; it’s all about that clean, coordinated vibe.

And let me tell ya, these bottles were designed by the pros. Like, actual bartenders who know their stuff. They’ve got the street cred and the experience to make sure these tools are top-notch.

Size-wise, they’ve got options. For folks like me who mix up a drink or two on a chill evening, the 2oz bottles are on point. But for those who love throwing those cocktail parties or, let’s say, run a professional bar, those 4oz bottles? They’re your jam. You can literally fit an entire bottle of bitters in there!

Now, let’s talk about what you get in the box:

  • 6 Bottles (Choice of 2oz or 4oz)
  • 6 Eye dropper tops (For that precision pour)
  • 6 Mist sprayer atomizer tops (For that fancy spritz)
  • 1 Bottle funnel (No mess, no fuss)
  • 1 Spooly bottle cleaner (Keep ’em clean, folks)
  • 1 Set of extra-large bottle labels (Get organized, label ’em up)

Oh, and for the techy bits:

  • Bottle Material: It’s glass. Classy.
  • Dimensions: The 2oz bottles are about 1.5” in diameter and 5” tall. The 4oz? About 2” in diameter and 5.5” tall.
  • Gift boxes: 2oz sets are in 6x5x6” boxes (about 1.2 lb). The 4oz sets? They’re in 8x6x6” boxes (around 2 lb).

So, if you’re looking to elevate your cocktail game, or maybe gift a buddy who’s into the cocktail scene, this set is the way to go.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Cocktail Hammer is a mixology-centric website that provides an extensive array of resources for home bartenders, professional mixologists, and cocktail enthusiasts. Here are some responses to the most frequently asked queries to help enhance your cocktail crafting skills.

To start home bartending, you'll need a few key tools. A cocktail shaker is essential for mixing drinks, and a jigger will help you measure the ingredients accurately.

A bar spoon is useful for stirring and layering drinks, while a strainer ensures a smooth, sediment-free cocktail.

A muddler is important for crushing herbs or fruit, and a citrus peeler or zester is useful for adding garnishes. Finally, you may want a good-quality knife and chopping board for preparing ingredients.

There are a few key techniques that are critical for home bartending. Shaking is a common technique used to mix, chill and dilute drinks quickly. Stirring is used when you want to maintain the clarity of the drink while still mixing the ingredients. Muddling is used to extract flavors from fresh ingredients like herbs or fruit.

Layering is another technique that involves carefully adding different liquors or mixers so that they sit in separate layers. Finally, garnishing not only makes your cocktail visually appealing but can also enhance its flavor.

Proper storage and maintenance of your liquors and mixers can extend their shelf life and preserve their quality. Unopened bottles of spirits are stable and can be stored for many years. Once opened, they should ideally be consumed within 1-2 years.

Store spirits in a cool, dark place, upright, to prevent the alcohol from breaking down the cork. Liqueurs should be stored similarly, but keep in mind they have a shorter shelf life due to their sugar content. Vermouth and other wine-based aperitifs should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 1-2 weeks.

Mixers, too, should be refrigerated after opening and used within the recommended timeframe on the label. Fresh ingredients like lemons, limes, and herbs should be bought regularly to ensure they are always fresh when used in your drinks.