Great Mojito Recipe (with Clear Directions)

There's literally nothing more refreshing than a cold mojito on a hot summer day. This great mojito recipe will have you speaking Spanish in no time.

The best mojito recipe - cocktail hammer

There’s nothing more refreshing than a Mojito on a hot summer day. It’s the quintessential summer cocktail and for good reason. It’s citrus and mint flavors make it perfect for poolside lounging in the backyard (or wherever you choose to get boozy).

But how do you make a truly great Mojito? In this post, we’re gonna show you a great mojito recipe that will have you speaking Spanish in no time.

History of the Mojito

The Mojito is a rum-based cocktail made with sugar, lime juice, mint leaves, and club soda. Like most cocktails, the exact origins of the Mojito is a bit of a mystery and is up for debate. However, we do know that it was birthed in Havana, Cuba.

The best mojito recipe - cocktail hammer
The best mojito recipe

Fun fact, Ernest Hemingway played a major role in the popularization of the Mojito. If you want to learn more about the history of the Mojito, check out this post from Locogringo gringo as they go over the history of the mojito in greater detail.

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Whats the best Rum for a Mojito?

The rum you use in a Mojito is really a personal preference, but for us, it’s going to be Ron Diaz white rum. We love Ron Diaz for its smooth, rich flavor. It seems to go perfectly with the Mojito, and we think you’ll agree. Don’t have any Ron Diaz at home? No problem! You can get a bottle of Ron Diaz delivered to your door right here in less than 60 min from

How to Make a Mojito

Making a Mojito is extremely simple and fun because finally, you get to use that muddler that came with your cocktail kit! How fun! Below are the directions for this great mojito recipe.

The Best Mojito Recipe (with Directions)

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  • 1.5 oz White Rum (Ron Diaz)

  • 1 oz Lime Juice

  • 2 teaspoons of sugar

  • 6 mint leaves

  • Soda Water


  • Place the mint leaves, white sugar, and one lime wedge into a sturdy Collins glass. 
  • Use a muddler (or a wooden spoon) to crush the mint and lime, making sure to release the oils and juices. (Do not over muddle or the mint might taste bitter).
  • Top off your glass with ice.
  • Pour 1 1/2 ounces of white rum right over the ice.
  • Finally, top off the glass with club soda.

An Authentic Mojito

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter how much muddling you do, or how much sugar you put in your drink. You just can’t beat an authentic Mojito from Cuba. Take a look at this video below and watch how a Cuban bartender makes an authentic Mojito.

The best mojito in the world

Conclusion: Great Mojito Recipe

So are you fluent in Spanish yet? If not, you didn’t make it right. Head to the top of this post and read it again, and again until you can roll your r’s… or slur them.

So now that you tried it, what did you think? Is this a great mojito recipe or not? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear it. If you liked this post, click here to check out our blog where you will find tons of recipes just like this one. Thanks for reading, and as always, stay safe, stay home, get hammered.

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